Magdalen Nabb

British author and artist. She was born in Lancashire. She studied art and pottery and both taught art and exhibited her work. After moving to Italy she also began to write. Soon she became a highly successful author, writing fiction for both adults and children. Her one pony story was a fantasy for younger children and was highly regarded, becoming a favourite of many children. Proceeds from the sales of this book go to the Brooke Hospital for Animals.

You can find more information about the author, her books and her art work by visiting her own web site.

Horse & Pony Books:

(COLLINS 1983)
Reprinted in paperback a number of times by Collins.
Published in the USA by Orchard Books
Reprinted in paperback in USA by Hyperion.
SUMMARY: Younger reader's fantasy tale with a horse theme. Irina is sad and lonely and she thinks the little battered toy horse in the junk shop window is too. What is the connection between the toy and the story of the beautiful wild horse Bella who was mistreated by an evil farmer and mysteriously disappeared?

Collectors info:
Published in both the UK and USA. Easy to find and cheap, especially the paperback editions. The book has also been translated into a number of different languages and is widely available all over the world.